Official music video for “Blinded” is OUT!

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24 May 2015 |

Music video for “Blinded” is finally ready and we’re proud to share it with you all! Many thanks for your support and your patience!

We would like to thank the following people; without their help this video wouldn't have been possible:
- Everyone from Le Cap Gammarth and from The Basement. Special thanks to Christian Picco, Ines Khaznadar and Aziz Kallel.
- Everyone from Zoopolis. Special thanks to Mehdi Kerrit, Mehdi Chaker and Bedis Hafiane.
- Sindbad Productions. Special thanks to Moez Kamoun, Philippa Day and Mehdi Tahenti
- Hela Hammemi
- Malek Ben Arbia from MYRATH.
- Seth Cartagena from CARTAGENA.
- Imene Bessadok, Elyes Fayache, Selim Jabbes and Hamadi Ben Hamouda.

Location : The Basement, Gammarth.
Actress : Hela Hammemi.
Directors : Mehdi Chaker, Mehdi Kerrit.
Editing : Bedis Hafiane and Malek Ben Arbia.
Special Effects : Malek Ben Arbia.
Lighting : Sindbad Productions & Mehdi Tahenti.
Art Director : Jelena Dobric, Melik Melek Khelifa
Produced by Persona.

Enjoy the video!